Sharp Writing: A Place to Showcase My Work

My name is Alexander Sharp and I currently work as a copywriter, nonprofit director, and guy-who-wears-many-hats at a small ad agency.

Here you will find various things I have written. Some I wrote as a professional—copywriting, web content, white papers, etc. Some I wrote as an academic—essays, theses, fiction, etc. Some I wrote just for the sake of writing.

I have a master’s degree in rhetoric & composition from the University of Dayton and a bachelor’s in English with a concentration in literature from Wittenberg University. Eventually I might put my resume or CV on this site. At the moment, I’m not looking for work unless you have an offer I can’t refuse. I may be available for freelance work: long-form journalism, web content, copywriting, white papers, and the like. If you want to publish anything you find on this site, contact me with an offer.

Reach out at [email protected]


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