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Here you will find various things I have written. Some I wrote as a professional—copywriting, web content, white papers, etc. Some I wrote as an academic—essays, theses, fiction, etc. Some I wrote just for the sake of writing.

I have a master’s degree in rhetoric & composition from the University of Dayton and a bachelor’s in English with a concentration in literature from Wittenberg University. Eventually I might put my resume or CV on this site, but at the moment I’m not looking for work unless you have an offer I can’t refuse. I may be available for freelance work: long-form journalism, web content, copywriting, white papers, and the like. If you want to publish anything you find on this site, contact me with an offer.

Reach out at [email protected]

Recent Additions

Socialism is a Dirty Word

For now, Democrats control the Presidency and both chambers of congress. Many progressives hoped to quickly pass ambitious legislation in 2021, but that didn't happen. It probably won’t happen in 2022, either. There’s one thing standing in the way of passing...

The Bootlegger

This was a piece I wrote for an English Lit class at Wittenberg. We we studying the works of Edgar Allen Poe and the assignment was to write a gothic short story. My professor, Dr. Davis, thought the main character needed more of a backstory but I thought it worked better without one. I think, throughout the course of the story, we learn enough about him.

The Great Nick Carraway

Who doesn’t have a Gatsby paper? My interpretation of The Great Gatsby is not the most conventional view, so you may find this paper to actually be a unique take. I wrote this for Dr. Davis’ class at Wittenberg for my undergrad degree. I probably put way more effort into this paper than I needed to for the grade, but I’m glad I did. Writing it helped me mature as a writer. It also provided me the opportunity to articulate how I feel about The Great Gatsby, a novel I always had strong opinions about.


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